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Welcome to YES Bangladesh

Story of YES Bangladesh

Youth Engagement for Sustainability (YES), Bangladesh is a Nation-wide Youth Led, Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization initiated in 25 July 2018, to create a Platform for the Child, Young People and especially women who are former member of a Child Led Organization named “National Children’s Task Force (NCTF), Bangladesh.”
On May 3-5 in 2018, Total 256 National Children’s Task Force former members from all over the country gathered in a three days’ workshop at Rangamati Water Front Resort in Gazipur arranged by Plan International Bangladesh. The young people came together to agree upon forming a platform for them and showed the interest to work for the betterment of children and youths of our country. We discussed and set up the platform’s aims to give the youth a common space where Children, young peoples and especially women can express their views, ideas, experiences, demands and advocate to bring a positive change in the society. This platform will Create a Scope for Capacity Building of Young peoples on various topic such as Gender, Climate Change/Action, Sustainable Goal, Skills and Knowledge Development so that we can play a role as the Change Agent. We also want to Bring the Adolescent and Young People in One Umbrella and create partnerships with other youth activists, network and organization who work with the same objectives. As well as, we also want to Do Advocacy to bring meaningful changes in the policies that are related with the interest of Children’s and youths such as the Child Marriage Restraint Act 2017 of Bangladesh.
Based on this concept, the idea of Youth Engagement for Sustainability (YES), Bangladesh emerged and through the technical support of Plan International Bangladesh, Youth Engagement for Sustainability (YES), Bangladesh has been grown as an independent youth led organization.


To ensure Children and Young People, especially from marginalized areas are able to positively influence policy decisions that affect their lives.


To ensure Children and Young People, especially from marginalized areas are able to positively influence policy decisions that affect their lives.

We Believe That...

Volunteers & nonprofits should be able to
connect for free

There should be nothing simpler than doing good

Non-profits run by & for local communities are the real deal

Our Core Values and Beliefs

As Youth Engagement for Sustainability (YES), Bangladesh seeks to build on the last 4 years of youth-centered work, we are focusing on areas in this sector with the greatest need. Hence, it is even more important for Youth Engagement for Sustainability (YES), Bangladesh’s approach and activities to be guided by the values and beliefs that define our organization. Every Member, employ volunteer lives our values and beliefs as we work together to deliver on our mission and vision.

We uphold these values and beliefs in all our interactions and initiatives:

  • Excellence and Innovation: We are imaginative risk takers willing to challenge assumptions while being accountable to our mission and fiscally responsible.
  • Transparency: We act with openness and clarity.
  • Reflection: We consider multiple sources of evidence and diverse perspectives to review past performance, note progress and successes, and engage in continuous quality improvement.
  • Equity and Opportunity: We advocate for policies, practices, and systems that promote full and inclusive participation. We confront biases that create barriers and limit the potential of children, families, and early childhood professionals.
  • Collaborative Relationships: We share leadership and responsibility in our work with others. We commit time and effort to ensure diverse participation and more effective outcomes. We act with integrity, respect, and trust.